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The Civic Luncheon at Guildhall


23rd January 2018

Members of the Aldersgate Ward Club enjoyed a superb lunch at Guildhall’s Livery Hall on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

Having been introduced by Past Master Andrew Hamilton and greeted by the Master Dr Antony Richards, Senior Warden Dr Chris Eyles and Junior Warden Mr Ian Kelly, members and guests enjoyed a sparkling wine reception, mingling amongst many friends both old and new. Sheriff Neil Redcilffe and his wife Emma arrived with plenty of time to enjoy the reception engaging graciously with members, many of whom were happily known to them already.

Grace was said by Past Master The Rev’d Dr Martin Dudley and then we dined on Avocado and Oak Smoked Salmon, Rosette of Sussex Lamb followed by a delicious dessert of Lemon and Ginger Parfait accompanied by Touraine Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot Reserva 2010 respectively.

The Master trading on his knowledge of all things in the mysterious world of crime and impersonating Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes through the use of headgear introduced the Sheriff, whom we believe had never experienced such an introduction before! The Sheriff, as passionate about the City as we are, encouraged us all to take part in finding out about the City and all it has to offer in the United Kingdom and beyond. He also paid tribute to many members of our Club who hold responsible positions within the City and also to those who have contributed through Livery and Ward Club positions.

In replying, the Master gave a humorous speech which included stories of his time as a student in Hall and of royal babies, not that the two were linked of course! He also presented the Sheriff with a substantial cheque for the Lord Mayor’s charity. Sadly the time flew and our Annual Lunch concluded. The Civic Party left but many remained for as long as possible to chat with friends and to reflect on the joy of the occasion.

Thank you to those, including the caterers, who had made the occasion so enjoyable. 

                                       Jan Yerbury

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