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Postman's Park

Aldersgate Ward Club
Aldersgate Ward Club

Bordered by Little Britain, Aldersgate Street, St. Martin's Le Grand and King Edward Street, Postman's Park is one of the largest parks in the City.


The site was originally the Churchyard of St Botolph's without Aldersgate (Click Here for further info). Such sites were used as burial grounds and given the levels of overcrowding caused by Cholera epidemics etc, the ground became significant raised - such that there are now a number of steps to get back down to ground level. The Burial Act of 1851 stopped the practice and in 1858 plans for the park were announced.


Relatives of those already buried in the area were allowed time to make alternative arrangements and Postman's Park eventually opened in 1880.

Under a 50 foot wooden loggia in the Park is a Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, commemorating ordinary people who died saving the lives of others. It was first suggested by George Frederic Watts in 1887, but not actually unveiled until 1900. There is space for 120 ceramic tiles. By 1931, 53 had been installed and a further one in 2004. They are known as Watts' Placques.

Lots more information on Postman's Park and its history is provided in the section of this website entitled A Walking Tour of the Ward - Around & About the Ward of Aldersgate (Click Here).

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