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Croquet at Roehampton Club

8th August 2015

Aldersgate Ward Club

On a gloriously sunny Saturday, 24 members travelled to south-west London for a quintessentially English summer’s evening at the Roehampton Club, of which I am a member.


I welcomed members to the Croquet Pavilion with afternoon tea, including cucumber sandwiches and an assortment of cakes all made by yours truly.


With two of my Croquet Club chums to assist, we kitted members out with mallets and showed them how to strike a ball. After explaining the basic rules of Golf Croquet, we divided them into pairs to start playing, with two matches played simultaneously on each of the three immaculately groomed lawns. Three matches were played with different partners and opponents. I presented a bottle of champagne to the overall winner, Lionel Green.


After a brief freshen-up, we all adjourned to the outdoor terrace of the clubhouse, to be served glasses of Pimms. There members enjoyed animated discussion of their newfound croquet skills, as we sat bathed in the glorious early evening sunshine. A couple of foxes frolicked on the golf fairway alongside.


We then adjourned inside for a delicious two-course dinner, impeccably presented and served by the Club’s courteous staff.


All members expressed their enormous enjoyment of this unusual Aldersgate Ward Club event.


                                                                                                                      Ron Wood


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