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House of Commons visit and lunch

12th April 2024


On the 12th April we went to the Houses of Parliament for a tour of both houses, very kindly organised by Nickie Aitken’s office.  Nickie has been MP for the Cities of London and Westminster since  2019 and I am so grateful to her and her office for all the time and trouble they spent on us, making sure that we saw everything there was to see, and had all our questions answered. 


We were divided into 3 groups of 9, each group taken by two members of Nickie’s staff, and taken into what seemed to be every nook and cranny of this beautiful and historic House.  We marvelled at the enormous amount of White and Green papers set out for MPs and Lords, the incredible planning that must go into  making sure that democracy runs as seamlessly as it seems to, and the amazing architecture, not to mention the statues, pictures and the deep leather seats in both Houses.  Such an incredible experience.


Two hours later, our minds full of information and our feet rather sore, we left the House and walked round to the Cellarium, the restaurant in Westminster Abbey, where we enjoyed a very tasty two course lunch and a well earned glass of wine.    All in all, a splendid day – and it didn’t rain!

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