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Supper at Le Beaujolais

        18th April 2024

On the 18th April we dined at Le Beaujolais, a private members restaurant in Litchfield Street.  Upstairs there is London’s oldest wine bar, and downstairs is this exclusive restaurant, offering a truly French experience, from an incredible Soupe de  Poisson through to the best cheese board in London.


Starting the evening with a glass of Cremant de Jura, we ate our way through three delightful courses from the set menu, also being allowed to choose from the A La Carte menu in some cases, which is where I chose the Soupe de Poisson from – I could have settled with just that, it was marvellous!  Only my son and I had the cheese – with so many to choose from it was impossible to resist for us, although there were other lovely desserts, which appealed to others. 


And, of course, we washed everything down with some very good house wine and generally felt enjoyably mellow by the time we said goodnight.


But I must mention our waiter – he was absolutely wonderful . So cheerful and accommodating, with a wonderful sense of humour and a great eye for detail.   He made the evening for me, as did the delightful company.

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