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Aldergate Ward Club Annual General Meeting

28th October 2021

                                                                                     ALDERSGATE WARD CLUB


                                                                                         Annual General Meeting

                                                                                       Thursday 28 October 2021



The Annual General meeting of the Aldersgate Ward Club was held on Thursday 28 October 2021 in the Members’ Dining Room at the Guildhall Club.  The meeting was attended by 34 people and all stayed for dinner.


The Outgoing Master, Rachelle Goldberg, presented a summary of her year in office, which had been severely affected by COVID restrictions, and thanked the members for their support.  She presented the badge of office to the Incoming Master, Allan Fallshaw, who in turn presented her with the Past Master’s badge.  Roy Sully was invited to become the Senior Warden, which he accepted.  Because the Outgoing Master’s year had been so badly disrupted, Rachelle Goldberg was invited to become the Junior Warden in 2021-22 and return as Master in 2023-24, which she accepted. 


The Master expressed his appreciation to the Outgoing Master for her resourcefulness in arranging so many of her events on Zoom. 


The Master emphasised the welcoming and friendly attitude of Club members.  This was exemplified by the late Don Prichard, Master in 2010, who was his mentor when he became a volunteer guide at St Pauls.   


The Master outlined his programme of events for the forthcoming year, with the proviso that changes might have to be made if new COVID restrictions come into force.


Members were treated to a dinner of Cannon of Lancashire Black Faced Lamb and Blood Orange & Sicilian Lemon Tart, accompanied by excellent wines. 


During the course of the evening, Ron Wood and Jon Scott Francis sold a great number of raffle tickets, raising a total of £281. 


The auction of a monoprint etching of the Aldersgate by Shirley Day, generously donated by Roy Sully, raised a further £135.  It was bought by Barbara Newman, Master in 2008 and a Common Councillor, as a souvenir of her long association with the Aldersgate Ward Club.  


A total of £416 will be donated to the Lord Mayor’s Fund.  Many thanks to Ron and Jon for organising the raffle and auction.


Thanks are also offered to the Master and Honorary Secretary for organising such an enjoyable evening.



Margaret Holness

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