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Musicians Company Carol Concert

15th December

Aldersgate Ward Club

                Christmas Carol Service held at the Church of St Michael’s Cornhill 2022

On Thursday 15th December 2022, members joined the Master for the Annual Carol Service of the Musicians’ Company. This was a particularly special occasion, as the Master Musician, Jeff Kelly, is a member of the Ward Club and Rachelle, Master of the Ward Club is a member of the Musicians’ Company.

Prior to the Carol Service, the Master invited members and other guests from the Musicians’ Company to join her for an aperitif and canapes at the Threadneedle Hotel. This provided welcome respite from the bitterly cold weather and an opportunity to exchange pre- Christmas conversation before making the short journey across Cornhill to St Michael’s.

The Musicians’ Company was also joined by the Turners’ Company at a quite splendid Carol Service. The music was provided by the Choir of St Michael’s under the direction of Jonathan Rennert a Past Master of the Musicians’ Company. The choir is made up of university students who sing Evensong once per week during term time.

The lessons and congregational carols were interspersed with seven carols sung by the choir only and these were so beautiful. Among those, one was composed by a Past Master of the Musicians’ Company Sir Lennox Berkley and another by Liveryman Christopher Brown. We also had the honour of hearing a newly commissioned work ‘Veni, redemptor gentium’ composed by Ghislaine Reece- Trapp, a Musicians’ Company Silver Medallist in 2016. Following the reading of the sixth lesson by the Master Musician we heard the choir sing ‘Sleep, Jesus, sleep’, a Ukrainian traditional carol which I am sure reminded us all of the suffering of the people in the Ukraine and the injustice and desperation which so many people, through no fault of their own, are suffering there and across the world.

We sang lustily and the choir provided wonderful descants to the familiar carols which we all adore and only sing once per year. After a rousing and thought provoking service we went our separate way in the knowledge that Christmas had begun!


Thank you Master for arranging such a happy occasion.

A Past Master

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