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Museum of London

Aldersgate Ward Club
Aldersgate Ward Club

At the crossroads of Aldersgate Street and London Wall is a roundabout. Above this is the Museum of London. The entrance is located on a pedestrian high walk which can be reached by stairs, escalators or lifts from Aldersgate Street, London Wall, or St Martin's-le-Grand. There is also a route to the Museum via the Barbican Estate at Podium level (it is well signposted and there are regular 'you are here' maps spread throughout the Estate).


The Museum opens from 10am to 6pm, 7 days per week and has free admission. There are two Cafes inside the Museum and from Monday to Friday, there is also the 'London Wall Bar and Kitchen'. This facility provides a full restaurant service and is situated just outside the Museum's entrance.


Step inside the Museum of London and you will find historic objects which tell the story of the capital's turbulent past. Situated in the oldest part of London, now the financial district, the Museum overlooks the remains of the city wall, which dates to the time of the Roman Empire.


Click on the link below to go to the Museum's own website where much more information is of course available.

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