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Visit to Hammersmith Mall

15th April 2015

Twenty-four members and guests gathered for morning coffee in gloriously warm sunshine outside St Paul’s Church Hammersmith, before splitting into three groups of eight to explore the history concentrated along a short stretch of the Thames embankment along Hammersmith Mall.


William Morris is probably the most famous of the group of designers, craftsmen and textile artists who created the Arts & Crafts Movement at the end of the nineteenth century. At Kelmscott House, his London home, we had a fascinating talk about his life and achievements. This was also an opportunity to inspect some of his original wallpaper designs and see the original Kelmscott press which printed them.


A short walk along the River, in a fine Georgian house, lived his friend Sir Emery Walker, printer and typographer. Its interior has remained unchanged ever since, and was opened specially for us to view this uniquely preserved time capsule of William Morris design and Arts & Crafts style.


Guided by a member of the William Morris Society, we also explored on foot, to learn more about the characters and activities of the men and women who lived and worked in such close proximity here, and their artistic achievement.


Our three groups joined together for a convivial pub lunch at the Black Lion, close to Sir Emery Walker’s house.


                                                                                                                                                        Ron Wood, Master

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