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Rules of the Club

1      NAME

        The name of the Club shall be "Aldersgate Ward Club".


2      OBJECTS

        The objects of the Club are:-


2.1   To promote good fellowship and the maintenance of the traditions of the City of London


2.2   To further the interests of those working or residing in the Ward


2.3   The arrangement of social events so as to further friendly relations among the members.




3.1   Qualification

Membership will be open to persons who have attained the age of 18 years, are ratepayers in the Ward or residents of it, or who engage in business or are employed therein or who have shown an interest in the Ward.


3.2   Application

Every candidate for Membership shall be proposed and seconded by Members of the Club to whom he is personally known. The application shall be made in writing, the applicant giving such information about themselves as the Committee shall desire.


3.3   Acceptance

Applications will be considered by the Committee at their next meeting following their receipt. They may or may not accept the application, and any decision of the Committee concerning it shall be final.


3.4   Life or Honorary Membership

The Committee shall have the power to elect any persons to Life Membership or Honorary Membership of the Club and in the case of a Life Member except where a Life subscription is paid, to fix the terms upon which such person shall be admitted.




4.1   Annual

The annual subscription shall be in the sum of £10 (AGM 2005) payable by each Member (except an Honorary or Life Member) in advance upon the due date viz, 1st November in each year. Prospective Members shall tender their annual subscription at the time of making application of membership.


4.2   Life

Life Members upon election shall pay the sum of £150 (AGM 2005). Such payment shall entitle them to membership of the Club for life.


4.3   Failure

Any Member failing to pay their subscription within a period of six months after the due date shall thereupon cease to be a Member of the Club.


4.4   Alteration

The annual subscription and the sum payable upon election of Life Membership may upon recommendation of the Committee be altered by Ordinary Resolution passed at a General Meeting of the Club.




5.1   Control

The Management of the Club shall be under the control of a Committee consisting of Past Masters, Elected Members and Ex Officio Members.


5.2   Members

The elected Members shall be the President, the Master, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden and eight other Members of the Club.


5.3   Meeting

The Committee shall meet from time to time on direction of the Master or when requested by any two of its Members.


5.4   Quorum

Five Members of the Committee shall form a quorum. Resolutions shall be passed by a majority of the Members present and voting thereon with a second, casting, vote by the Master if necessary.


5.5   Sub Committee

The Master, Wardens, immediate Past Master and the Honorary Secretary shall form a sub committee to meet at least once in every year. Any three Members shall form a quorum. The duties of the sub committee shall be, inter alia, to endeavour to ensure that there are an adequate number of candidates for potential election to the Committee and to inform such candidates of the responsibilities required of Committee Members, Wardens and the Master.


5.6   Nominations

Nominations for election to the Committee from non serving Members of the Committee must be made in writing and signed by a proposer and seconder and received by the Honorary Secretary on or before 20th August in each year. The nominee, proposer and seconder must all have been Members of the Club for at least one year prior to such nomination.




6.1   Officers

The Committee shall appoint two Members of the Club to act, respectively, as Honorary Treasurer and as Honorary Secretary and they shall, subject to clause 6.3 hold office until the commencement of the meeting of the Committee immediately following the next Annual Meeting of the Club. They shall perform such duties in relation to the affairs of the Club as the Committee shall direct.


6.2   Ex Officio

The Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary shall be ex officio Members of the Committee.


6.3   Termination

The Committee may at any time terminate the appointment of the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary and shall fill any vacancy arising.


6.3   Roles

The Committee shall have the authority, should they deem circumstances dictate, to adopt a flexible approach and to appoint one or more members of the Club to undertake different elements of the duties of the roles of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.




7.1   Annual

The Members of the Club shall meet at an Annual Meeting for the purposes, inter alia, of:-

7.1.1 Considering the Report of the Master upon their year of office.

7.1.2 Receiving the Report of the Honorary Treasurer upon the financial affairs of the Club.

7.1.3 Electing Officers and Members of the Committee in the order set out in clause 5.2 for the year ensuing.

7.1.4 Such other business as may be put forward by the Committee or by any Member who has given 21 days' notice in writing to the Secretary setting out the resolution which such Member proposes to put forward.


7.2   Date

The Annual Meeting shall be held on a date as near to 1st November as convenient. Fourteen days' notice shall be given to the Members of the date of the Annual Meeting.


7.3   Majority

Resolutions proposed at the Annual Meetings shall be passed by a majority of Members present and voting with a second, casting vote by the Master if necessary.


7.4   Extraordinary Meetings

Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convened at the request of the Committee or a requisition sent in writing to the Secretary and signed by ten Members of the Club stating the reason for requiring the Meeting and setting out the Resolution or Resolutions to be proposed at such Meeting. Fourteen days' notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given to Members.



These Rules may be revoked, added to or altered by a majority comprising two-thirds or more of the Members present and voting on the revocation, addition or alteration in question at the General Meeting of the Club provided that the notice calling the General Meeting of the Club shall have specified the intention to propose the revocation, addition or alteration, together with full particulars thereof.

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