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Typographic Stroll through Aldersgate

and Lunch at the Hoxton Grill

26th April 2014

A useful set of handouts - provided by guide and Club Member Brian Heppell and referred to throughout the tour.

Club Member Brian Heppell and The Master were chatting generally one day about the historic shop 'signage' which still exists along Fleet Street and Brian mentioned it was actually his professional career, having spent a lifetime in hot metal typesetting, photosetting, typeface design and silkscreen printing. He soon found himself 'volunteering' to do a Club tour of the industry in and around the Ward of Aldersgate. His arm soon healed and he was able to provide a most excellent, informative and unusual insight into the history of the subject and how pivotal the area around Old Street and what is now the Barbican Estate has been to the typographic and printing industry.


The tour finished at St Luke's Church, which is adjacent William Caslon's first foundry workshop in Helmet Row (approx 1725). The Churchyard also contains his final resting place. William Caslon was a significant figure in the development of typeset printing and featured heavily in Brian's lecture tour.


A well-earned lunch was taken at the Hoxton Grill in Great Eastern Street, followed by a quick visit to Brian's shop (Glyphics) in Leonard Street, EC2 - an Aladdin's cave of typography through the ages. Glyphics is a fascinating and varied business and has a most interesting and informative website: click here!

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