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A Warm Welcome:

Welcome to the website of the Aldersgate Ward Club: a lively social group for people who live in or who have professional associations with the City of London and a keen interest in the Aldersgate Ward.


Aldersgate is one of the 25 ancient administrative districts of the City, known as 'Wards'. It is named after the northern-most of the City's four original gates and encompasses Aldersgate Street, part of the Barbican Estate, the Museum of London and stretches almost to St Paul's Cathedral. The Ward also includes several sections of the original Roman London Wall, notably outside Plaisterers' Hall and in the grounds of Barber-Surgeons' Hall. There are two Livery Company Halls wholly contained within the Aldersgate boundary: Ironmongers' Hall and Plaisterers' Hall.


Join us and you join friends: like-minded people who enjoy each other's company through a programme of events and visits, as well as learning about and maintaining the history and traditions of the City. We look forward to meeting you.

Recent Event:


The Master and Ward members had a very lovely time dining at Le Beaujolais

Beaujolais 1.jpg

Master: 2023-2024

Mrs Joanna Cadman

Senior Warden:

Mrs Phillipa White

Junior Warden:

Mr Lionel Green

Aldersgate Ward Club

  Honorary Secretary:

  Mrs Susan Hoefling

Membership Secretary:

Mr Dave Brennan

  Honorary Treasurer:

  Mr Andrew Hamilton FCA

Forthcoming Events:

  • Greenwich Halls visit

  • Beating the Bounds

  • Clarence House

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