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Around and About the Ward of Aldersgate

15th September & 1st October 2015

Aldersgate Ward Club

This event proved so popular that it was held twice, allowing forty members and guests to take advantage of it.


On each occasion, we gathered at the Hand & Shears pub for a convivial two course lunch. Jeff Kelly JP, member of Aldersgate Ward Club and former Planning Officer for the City of London, then led us on a walk through the history of our Ward.


“This street resembleth an Italian street more than any other in London, by reason of the spaciousness and uniformity of buildings, and straightness thereof, with the convenient distance of the houses.” This is how James Howell, Historiographer Royal, described Aldersgate Street in 1657. As we explored it today, Jeff used old photographs and maps to demonstrate how it has changed over the centuries.


He also explained how much of our Ward was destroyed by bombing during World War II, describing some of the buildings and businesses which have disappeared, and the consequent urban regeneration which includes the Barbican.


The walk ended with a visit to the spectacular remains of a Roman bastion, near the site of medieval Greyfriars, which are displayed in dramatic splendour beneath the Bank of America Merrill Lynch building, much to everyone’s amazement. 


On both occasions, everyone expressed enthusiastic thanks to Jeff for a most informative and stimulating afternoon. 



                                                                                                                      Ron Wood


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