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The Aldersgate Ward Boundary

The City of London spreads across a square mile of land and is divided into 25 geographic areas, or 'Wards'. Four of these Wards (Aldersgate, Portsoken, Queenhithe and Cripplegate), are described as 'Residential' as they contain the vast majority of all City residents.


The Ward of Aldersgate exists in the Northern part of the City and stretches from Fann Street at the Northern border, down to Gresham Street at its Southern tip - where it meets the Ward of Cheap. To the West is the Ward of Farringdon and on the Eastern edge of Aldersgate are the Wards of Cripplegate and Bassishaw.

Aldersgate Ward Club

Each Ward is represented within an assembly called the 'Court of Common Council'. This consists of 100 Common Councilmen and 25 Aldermen (one for each Ward). The number of Councilmen allocated to each particular Ward is based on the size of the electorate - Aldersgate is currently served by six members, plus the Club President, Alderman Nicholas Anstee. Further information on Aldersgate's Councilmen can be found by Clicking Here.


The City of London Corporation provides a useful map that shows the current boundary of all 25 Wards and you can zoom-in to show quite high degrees of detail.

Aldersgate Ward Club

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